Relja Penezic is a painter, video artist, printmaker, photographer and filmmaker. His work is a multimedia blend that combines technology and painting, performance and video, art and craft. He exhibits his work internationally. His paintings and media pieces are part of numerous public and private collections in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Relja Penezic’s work consists of thematic series realized through paintings, collages, film and video. He is a landscape artist dedicated to continuity of landscape art from the 12th century Zen “flung/broken ink” creations, to the 20th century earthworks, with all the Romanticisms, Barbizon and Hudson schools in-between. He is interested in how culture meets nature through the art of landscape; how it frames it and influences our perception; how what we know, feel or believe affects what we see or don’t see. His landscapes contain both conceptual and sensual sense of place – visual sensation as well as the cultural  constructs and symbolisms of the place represented.

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Relja Penezic